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A lemony Sunday

caipirinha-thumbnailSummer is coming and we all love sipping our colourful cocktails while basking in the sun, am I wrong? Well, so what better way to spend this sunny weekend than with Brazil’s most loved drink?

Shall we talk a little bit about it’s origin? Ok, let’s do it!

“Caipirinha” is the diminutive of the word “caipira”, which means “a person from the country side”. This deliciously refreshing drink’s origin is debatable, but most people believe it was invented in São Paulo’s countryside.
Being a relatively cheap and easy drink to make, it quickly spread throughout the whole country and it has become our most traditional cocktail. It’s popular amongst all ages (18+, obviously. Hehehe.), social classes and regions, and it sells more than water during the summer months. I’m not joking!

It’s not hard to understand why caipirinha is Brazil’s most popular cocktail! It’s citrusy with a mellow sweetness and it is incredibly refreshing. What may not be too easy is its pronunciation, but I’ll try to help you out so you can start saying it with confidence. Caipirinha sounds like kai-pee-reen-ya. Cachaça (the sugar cane spirit it’s made with) sounds like ka-shah-sah.

Got it? 🙂

Well, don’t worry too much about it — the recipe is really the easy part.