Fruit Salad Tuesday

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Us Brazilians LOVE our fruits!!! We have many exotic kinds of fruits that are endemic to our shores, and we love cooking with them. Now fruit salads are a great way to combine various fruits and create a meal that’s not only healthy but also high in fiber. The consumption of this fruit mix can bring a number of health benefits, as well as being tasty and refreshing. With that in mind, I decided to write about the benefits of eating fruit salad daily. 🙂

Protection Against Premature Aging

Fruits have an antioxidant action, which helps fight the free radicals responsible for premature aging. Also, they are natural sources of vitamins A, C and E, which also protect against cell aging.

Fighting Stress and Depression

Those who suffer from depression and anxiety usually have vitamin C and A deficiencies, but those vitamins can be found in fruits such as orange, mango and banana.

Kills Cellulite and Stops Liquid Retention

Cellulite is the result of water and toxins retention in the cells. Fruits like apple and pineapple work in the prevention of such retention, because they have enzymes of anti-inflammatory and diuretic action.

Aids on the Overall Good Functioning of your Body

Fruits have vitamins, minerals, fibers and carbohydrates indispensable for the health of the body and good functioning of the Digestive system.

It’s a Healthy and Low-calorie option.

In order to satisfy your desire to eat sweets, eating fruit salad is a really good option, since it’s nutrient packed, balanced and low-calorie.

A cup of approximately 250 grams contains on average 131 calories.

TIP: Choose healthy toppings such as fruit juice (orange juice is my favourite), honey, flaxseed, yogurt, oats and granola, which, in addition to having few calories, help make your fruit salad much more nutritious .

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